Aberdeen Asian Income Fund - fund manager interview (full)

Yoojeong Oh, a member of the portfolio management team for Aberdeen Asian Income Fund (AAIF), outlines why investors should consider allocating some of their income portfolios to a fund such as this, which seeks a blend of growth and income and currently offers a dividend yield of c 5%. Key points in the interview include:

• How a broad-based dividend strategy can be more beneficial than a ‘barbell’ in uncertain times. • Why income investing in Asia does not need to mean missing out on high-growth technology stocks. • What the forthcoming US election means for investors in Asia. • How focusing on environmental, social and governance factors can be mutually beneficial for companies, fund managers and the end investor.

AAIF aims to provide investors with a total return primarily through investing in Asia Pacific securities, including those with an above-average yield, and is managed by the well established, Singapore-based team at Aberdeen Standard Investments Asia. It pays quarterly dividends which are usually fully covered by portfolio income.

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